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The Belmont Hotel

The Belmont Hotel    



The Belmont Hotel

Recently, I had the pleasure of playing tour guide to friends that were in town for a wedding (which was canceled at the last minute). Part one of our tour involved getting alcohol to take away from the stress of a cancelled wedding. The weather was beautiful, so I decided to take them to The Belmont Hotel to enjoy some drinks on the patio. This place has one of the most amazing views of the downtown Dallas skyline. We made it time for happy-hour and caught the last set of some local musician, which they have on occasion. 

Downtown DallasMy friends enjoyed the atmosphere as much as I did. They said it had a very Austin-like feel to it. This might be attributed to the fact that the Austin-based Bunkhouse Management team has been with the hotel since 2008. Thankfully, the restoration the hotel received in 2005 kept a lot of the original architecture that gives this place its uniqueness and charm.

If you are thinking of checking this place out, Tuesday night is a good time to start. Tuesday night is game night! People can come in and play their favorite board games and enjoy happy-hour all night. More event information can be found at their website, belmontdallas.com.

The Belmont Hotel (click here for map)

901 Fort Worth Ave.

Dallas, Tx 75208