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Custom Sneakers and Apparel @ 10 Footwear

10 Footwear

     10 Footwear hails itself, according to its website, as a place for the “sneaker connoisseur.” They have everything from hard-to-find, limited editions, to custom designed shoes and clothing. In this store you will find big name brands like Nike and DC, and even some brands that, unless you are a sneaker super-fan, you might not be as familiar with like Supra and PF Flyers.

10 Footwear      Located in the Bishop Arts District, 10 Footwear has been around for almost a year. They celebrated their grand opening party on June 14 with local rapper Tum Tum and The Sour Grapes (their graffiti work is on the side of the store). Unfortunately, they have experienced four robberies since opening, the most recent occurring on March 5th. Good news is there are no plans of closing their doors.

     On my recent visit I was able to talk to owner Richard Hernandez’s nephew, Fredrick. He told me, “What is really popular is our custom shoes and gear!” 1o Footwear has graffiti artist that design shoes, hats, and other items. Quality is guaranteed! You can choose from a wide variety of custom designs or bring your own design in as well. Prices range from $15 to $40. As for clothing “right now, t-shirts from local clothing line Rich Boy Gone Bad are selling well,” said Fredrick. Occasionally, 10 Footwear will hold an event to debut some of artist’s newer designs. “We’ll have a barbecue, Fredrick explains, “where the artist come in and show the public what’s new.” For those who can’t always make it to these events, you can view the latest arrivals on their website, 10Footwear.com or sign up for email updates.

    Now, selling custom designed shoes is not the only unique thing about this store. Unlike other shoe stores that I know about, 10 Footwear has free wi-fi along with a small lounge area. This makes it convenient for those who want to hang out and wait while their shoes get worked on. The last thing I asked Fredrick was if the economy had affected business at all, he said, “At first, I didn’t feel it, but now I feel it. But next week our spring merchandise comes in and that always good for business.”  

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10 Footwear (click here for map)

332 W. Davis Blvd

Dallas, Tx 75208