Custom Sneakers and Apparel @ 10 Footwear

10 Footwear

     10 Footwear hails itself, according to its website, as a place for the “sneaker connoisseur.” They have everything from hard-to-find, limited editions, to custom designed shoes and clothing. In this store you will find big name brands like Nike and DC, and even some brands that, unless you are a sneaker super-fan, you might not be as familiar with like Supra and PF Flyers.

10 Footwear      Located in the Bishop Arts District, 10 Footwear has been around for almost a year. They celebrated their grand opening party on June 14 with local rapper Tum Tum and The Sour Grapes (their graffiti work is on the side of the store). Unfortunately, they have experienced four robberies since opening, the most recent occurring on March 5th. Good news is there are no plans of closing their doors.

     On my recent visit I was able to talk to owner Richard Hernandez’s nephew, Fredrick. He told me, “What is really popular is our custom shoes and gear!” 1o Footwear has graffiti artist that design shoes, hats, and other items. Quality is guaranteed! You can choose from a wide variety of custom designs or bring your own design in as well. Prices range from $15 to $40. As for clothing “right now, t-shirts from local clothing line Rich Boy Gone Bad are selling well,” said Fredrick. Occasionally, 10 Footwear will hold an event to debut some of artist’s newer designs. “We’ll have a barbecue, Fredrick explains, “where the artist come in and show the public what’s new.” For those who can’t always make it to these events, you can view the latest arrivals on their website, or sign up for email updates.

    Now, selling custom designed shoes is not the only unique thing about this store. Unlike other shoe stores that I know about, 10 Footwear has free wi-fi along with a small lounge area. This makes it convenient for those who want to hang out and wait while their shoes get worked on. The last thing I asked Fredrick was if the economy had affected business at all, he said, “At first, I didn’t feel it, but now I feel it. But next week our spring merchandise comes in and that always good for business.”  

Rich Boy Gone Badp32411071

10 Footwear (click here for map)

332 W. Davis Blvd

Dallas, Tx 75208


The Paleta Man


The Paleta Man     

 Coconut PaletaPaleta is the spanish word for popsicle. The Paleta Man is like your neighborhood ice cream man, but instead of having a truck he has a kinda bicycle. You might see him at parks or outside of schools when the kids are getting out. I found the Paleta Man in the picture above on the busy streets of Jefferson. The guy didn’t want his picture taken for some reason.

     I remember when I was a little kid hearing the ringing of the bells and  running with dollars out and ready. Now if you haven’t tried mexican paletas, then you are missing out. They come in all kinds of flavors, like strawberry, coconut, and mango just to name a few. And in case you are in the mood for something else, they carry bags of chips with salsa ready to go too.

Oak Cliff Mardi Gras Parade

I missed it! The first Mardi Gras parade in Oak Cliff and I missed it. I was so busy studying for midterms that I just forgot about it. I did try to catch the end of the parade, but I was too late. Here is a link to a slideshow of the parade from Advocate Magazines. It looked like a lot of fun. 

OC Mardi Gras Parade slideshow

Is It Time for Snow Cones?

Aunt Stelle's Snow Cone

Saturday, April 25, mark this day on your calendar. This is when Aunt Stelle’s Sno Cone opens for the season. I know its only February and still a bit chilly outside, but the little chubby kid in me was in the mood for a cherry snow cone. Aunt Stelle’s is seriously the one of the best. I knew they weren’t open, but I decided to swing by to know how long I would need to wait.


Aunt Stelle's Sign

 Aunt Stelle's Snow Cone

Sour Grapes After Party!

This Saturday, after the Sour Grapes art show at the HCG, there will be an after party at The Quinn. DJs Select and Sober from The Party will definitely be holding it down. I’ve been following these guys for some time. They always know how to get the crowd moving. I’m really excited to see them spin in The Cliff. Three bucks gets you in, and you will not break the bank on drinks. Come ready to dance and share sweat with the person next to you. Don’t miss this!

Craving Fresh Tortillas

Super Mercado MexicoI was going to make some dinner and I needed to pick up some tortillas, so I swung by the Supermercado Mexico, a little grocery store located at the corner of Twelfth St. and Rosemont. Now, these tortillas are the closest to grandma’s homemade tortillas you are going to find anywhere. They make them fresh there daily. You can usually go in at anytime and pick up a bag of hot tortillas for just 2 dollars. I don’t know how many come in a bag, but trust me, it’s more than enough.