Restaurant War: The Original Chicken N’ Rice vs. The New Crispy Chicken N’ Rice



If you happen to drive by the intersection of Illinois Ave and Hampton Rd, you will notice on one side The Original Chicken N’ Rice restaurant and directly across the street The New Crispy Chicken N’ Rice. I know competition exist, but this is just being lazy. Quizno’s may be similar to Subway, but at least they didn’t call themselves The New Toasty Subway. Even the color scheme of their signs are way too similar.

So, why is this a war you may ask? Because The Original Chicken N’ Rice has signs up in its store claiming that they are “the original,” and that they are not associated with the impostor, The New Crispy Chicken N’ Rice. They adopted “the original” as part of their name in response to the other opening up, and have gone about replacing everything in the store to now say The Original Chicken N’ Rice. 

Which restaurant is winning the war is unclear. Several of my friends have told me that The Original Chicken N’ Rice taste better, so I’m going to have to pick that one.

12 responses to “Restaurant War: The Original Chicken N’ Rice vs. The New Crispy Chicken N’ Rice

  1. My tofu and rice kills both of these places easy.

  2. The Original is the bomb. Don’t go to the other place. It should be called Crunchy Chicken & Rice, the batter is so hard, I thought my teeth were about to break. Much better food and service at the Original.

  3. The Original Chicken N Rice opened up in 1989 under the name Chicken N Rice. After numerous Korean copycats and impostors such as Crispy Chicken & Rice, Mjs Chicken and Rice, etc, we rebranded ourselves as The Original Chicken N Rice due to confusion from customers. It was hurting our business and reputation as complaints came in about the imitators.

    There is definitely a war going on as our expansion plans include opening across from and competing against any Crispy Chicken & Rice locations. We believe our higher quality ingredients, fresh not frozen chicken tenders, and superior service will be able to successfully compete against any imitator.

  4. The Original is the best in da Cliff (shoutout to my homies!). Don’t know about them haters from “Crispy”, smells weird up in that place. Stick with the Original for realz!

  5. i dont know about yalls but i like me da originalz

  6. I’ll have to vouch for what this Chris guy is saying. I grew up in the Cliff and as long as i can remember i was seeing Chicken and Rice. Then one day this crispy joint popped up. Along with some of the other ones I’ve seen.

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  8. @Chris: Is there a website for the restaurant chain? Google doesn’t have very many helpful results.

  9. I grew up in that neighborhood, but havent been there since 2007…..these places must have just recently sprung up?! The things we miss when were gone for a while.

  10. Chicken N Rice started in 1989 like Chris had said, but it was in North Dallas, and expanded in the 2000s and then the “imposters” started poppin up!

  11. Terrence Williams

    Please send me info on opportunities to be part of this franchise as an owner

  12. @ chris please send me info on how I can be a part of a franchise as an owner.

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