Dallas Tour Part II : Taqueria La Victoria

La Victoria Taqueria

Part II of the Dallas tour I was giving friends from out of town involved me picking a place that served a really good Mexican breakfast. Finding good Mexican food in Oak Cliff is not a hard thing to do, but choosing a place is. A favorite place of mine that I came across recently is Taqueria La Victoria. Everything I’ve ordered here has been pretty amazing, so I knew it wouldn’t disappoint.

We all ordered the eggs with chorizo, which also come with refried beans, potatoes, and hand made tortillas. This was the perfect meal after a night of moderate, to not-s0-moderate drinking. The salsa they serve is one of my favorites. Its not too intense that it overpowers the food, but just strong enough where you get that slight runny nose thing happening at the end of the meal. This salsa may be a little hot for those of you who think the “fire” hot sauce at Taco Bell is intense.** White people, you have been warned**

Everyone loved the meal. The price was not bad as well. They do serve breakfast past noon, but charge an extra dollar to do so, which changes it from $4.99 to $5.99. Their entrees are a little more, but well worth it. Taqueria La Victoria serves all your favorite Mexican dishes, as well as some not so familiar ones. According to their sign outside, they serve “tacos a vapor y tacos de trompo” (or al pastor). Even I had to look up what kind of tacos vapor and trompo were. 

Taqueria La Victoria

2851 S. Westmoreland Rd

Dallas, Tx 75233

located at Westmoreland Rd and Illinois Ave across from the Westmoreland Dart Rail Station

6 responses to “Dallas Tour Part II : Taqueria La Victoria

  1. Ha!! I am going to make Philip take me here for the salsa!! I love that ‘runny nose thing’ that happens with good salsa… plus, I think it is hilarious to make people uncomfortable by wiping my nose at the table in response!

  2. This is my parents restaurant! am so glad to view this page. Thank you very much to who ever took the time and effort to work in this report!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! god bless you! thank you
    carmen munoz

  3. OMG!!!! i love this resturant its so awsome. the owners are close friends of my parents and their family is really cool. if u havnt beento this resturant i highly recomend u do. the food is delicious. YUM!!!!

  4. ae la comida esta muy rica preparada al momento buen lugar para ir a comer

  5. Todo esta muy rico las tostadas, tortas,quesadillas ,parrilladas, tacos y mariscos se Los recomiendo!!! Y todo esta preparado al monento!!!

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